We provide a range of software development and consultancy services including bespoke development, application maintenance and support, architectural guidence, technology advice and implementation of best practices and processes. Our focus is web, mobile and integration: building online applications as well as integration for mobile applications. Our MD, Michael Peacock, is an experienced software CTO with a wealth of technical knowledge, ensuring your project is built and managed using best practices and can scale and adapt to meet the changing needs of your business.

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What we do


Bespoke web development: Web applications, online management systems, CRM systems, online payments and systems integrations.


API and web service development for mobile applications. Responsive web applications. Project management of full mobile application.


Integrating various external services and processes into your application to add value and increase functionality


Process setup; technical team induction; technical due-diligence; advice and recommendations; project management.

How we work

1. Requirements and chat

We work with you to learn what your project requirements are, making suggestions and helping prioritse the requirements.

2. Development plan

We put together a brief development plan, outlining the first phase of development, the product back-log, priorities, guidelines for subsequent phases, timescales and costs.

3. Setup

We get your project setup on codebase (project management and code hosting), continuous integration (automated testing and code quality) and with any infrastructure that is required (testing servers, cloud services, analytics, error logging, email tracking, etc).

4. Iterative development

We develop in sprints based off the development plan. The first sprint is agreed as part of the development plan. As code is written and code tests pass, the code is deployed to testing servers for feedback and user testing.

As part of our iterative development process, the product backlog will change while we work on the current sprint. Your priorities will change, and requirements will become clearer as we discuss them in more detail. At the end of each sprint we review the previous sprint, and work with you to agree the next based off the priorities in the product backlog. Depending on the project, we will release the work from that sprint into production


We are based in the Gateshead International Business Centre, just over the Tyne bridge, close to the Newcastle & Gateshead quayside, though we are happy to meet at your offices, or over a coffee somewhere to find out about your project, and see how we can work together.


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