With the Internet and technology as it is today, mobile applications and web applications are seldom two completely isolated systems - they require integration. This isn't limited to web and mobile applications either, in our increasingly connected world, and with the number of web services available for all manor of things - there is a growing need for software to integrate with third party products and services.

We have extensive experience in both developing APIs and web services (for mobile applications and other clients) and integrating with external web services to add additional functionality.


GPRS Printers

e.g. for online takeaway ordering


Make and receive calls and send and receive texts through your software application. Provision inbound numbers for automated marketing tracking.

Social Media

Connect with your users social media accounts for authentication and social broadcasting


Offload parts of your application infrastructure to industry leaders who solve these problems expertly: direct file upload to Amazon S3, scaling, transcoding, email and push messages.

Mobile Integration

Push Messaging

Send actionable messages to users of your application either based off activity from the application, follow-up actions to a users request, or custom criteria.



In-app Purchases