As a company, these are some of the projects we have been involved in.


Reactn is a customer feedback and engagement system. We developed an innovative management system so users can build questionnaires and respond to customer feedback. Questionnaires are branded depending on the client, using the CMS, and the front-end is responsive to work well on mobile devices. We also developed an integrated API, and worked with iOS and Android developers to provide functionality and integration required for the mobile applications including Push Messaging.

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Venstr is an online marketplace for e-commerce vendors. It allows online retailers quickly find reputable solution providers for their online endevours, and allows vendors to sell their products and services directly through the marketplace

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Secure COAST

Secure COAST is a portable operating system on a USB stick with a host of privacy features and services built in. We developed the activation system, and associated web services, which allow users to activate their new USB stick, setup their email and VPN accounts, the configuration for which is then sent back to the USB stick to setup the services for the users.

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tynka is an online membership and events system designed for university clubs and societies. Marketplace integration lets users pay for membership and events directly to the society, with commission being collected on transactions. Innovative developments integrated custom mailings, SMS reminders and alerts for cancelled events, mobile Push Messaging and API for mobile applications.

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Individually, our team have worked on projects for the following brands